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Del Sol


Current fashion designs and colors for both city and country markets in Del Sol


Fashion leadership is just as important in low price sheet flooring. COLMAR offers a package of current fashion designs and colors for both city and country markets in Del Sol.


We also mark certain that top-notch quality in addition to better performance value is built into Del Sol along with its low price. 


That is why, Del Sol is always a special value.




One year warranty against wear and manufacturing defects. Colmar produces very high quality floors, but they are not indestructible. Generally, the Colmar guarantee does not cover floors which fail because of improper installation or abuse. The Colmar guarantee excludes floors: 

  • Installed over wet slabs 

  • Installed with adhesive not recommended by Colmar 

  • Dulled by soaps, detergents, harsh chemicals, dressings, one-step cleaners or wax 

  • Stained by dyes tracked from carpet, rubber soles, rubber or vinyl foam-backed mats materials and runners fertilizers, coal, tar, driveway sealers, oil drippings, or other similar 

  • Different from samples or printed material in shade, color or embossing 

  • Damaged by narrow tipped heels, burns, cuts, scratches, gouges and indentations including damage from improper floor protectors and furniture rests 

  • Faded or discolored by sunlight or heat generation 

  • Installed with obvious manufacturing defects 

  • Discoloration or bond release from hydrostatic pressure or excessive moisture caused by flooding, plumbing and appliance leaks and water leakage


Colmar honors its guarantee by installing a floor of identical value / quality On a prorated time use basis If the floor was installed by a non -professional, we only pay for material. This warranty is not transferable to another person. This is the only warranty for Colmar floors: it is not a cumulative warranty. To make a warranty claim, first, contact the retailer. The retailer should inspect the floor, qualify the claim and take the necessary steps.



I) Initial maintenance (within 24 hours of installation): Minimize traffic over floor for the first 24 hours (especially if the floor contains seams). Sweep and damp mop with warm water the day after installation. Wait 24 hours before moving furniture on or across the floor. When moving heavy appliances always use wood or hardboard runways to protect the floor.

II) Routine maintenance (daily or weekly as needed): Sweep or vacuum frequently to prevent the accumulation of grit. Damp mop to remove dirt and grime. Occasional dry buffing is recommended and preferred method to maintain luster, or you may choose to apply an appropriate polish.

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