Small worldwide class company oriented to participate in niches in the vinyl flooring market.

Its manufacturing processes operate with state-of-the-art technology to produce competitive products targeting mainly the NAFTA market.

Its corporate culture is oriented to quality and efficiency in a safe and friendly environment.




Achieve leadership in quality and price in the markets in which it participates.

Attain excellence in customer service. All members of the organization are committed to foster that perception in our clients.

Insure an acceptable return to the shareholders.

Fulfill it's social responsibility through fair treatment to its employees and being respectful and respected in the communities where Pivide operates.


Operating Principles


1. Manage operations to develop and maintain a healthy financial position.

2. Products and services provided by companies of the Group must always satisfy or exceed requirements and expectations from our customers.

3. Assure competitiveness of operations, adopting state-of-the-art technologies, organization and system.

4. Develop strategic alliances and associations to take advantage of synergies, and build strong businesses in global economy.

5. Emphasize permanent presence of products manufactured by the companies of the Group in the International markets.

  • All their activities must be accomplished within a rigid frame of ethics

  • Total observance of laws and regulations

  • Respectful and fair treatment to their employees.

  • Strict compliance of the environmental regulations.

Colmar Industries, Inc.

505 N. Sam Houston Parkway E., Suite 370
Houston, TX 77060

Phone: (281) 591-7200

Fax: (281) 591-7775

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